Moravia Region

Moravia events throughout the year

Of the great list of events, I have chosen these TOP events for you:
Traditions, crafts, customs, festivals

February - March

Fasank - Only the following villages observe the oldest tradition of dancing with swords during the festival and carnival parade: Komňa, Bystřice p. Lopeníkem, Strání (festival)


The Ride of the Kings in Kunovice (every second year, next 2016)
The Ride of the Kings in Vlčnov (every year, last Sunday)
The best Dancer of Verbuňk (Kyjov, Staré Město)


Horňácko, Sečení trávy Scything - Malá Vrbka
Kunovice Summer- Children’s Folklore Festival
Children’s Strážnice - Folklore Festival of Children
Folklore Festival Strážnice


The Ride of the Kings in Hluk (every 3 years, next 2017) and Brass Band Festival
Horňácko Festival in Velká nad Veličkou
Kopanice Festival in Starý Hrozenkov
International Festival of Brass Music in Ratíškovice
Garlic Festival in Buchlovice
Festival Česko - Celebration of Czech and Slovak brotherhood at Velká Javořina (mountain on the border of the two states)


Summer Celebrations, Ethnographic Festival in Kyjov, Milotice
Veselsky Rynecek - international festival of Brass Bands - Veselí n. Moravou
Echoes of Horňácko - folklore festival in Velká n. Veličkou
Brass Band Festival in Dubňany
The Slovácko Year in Kyjov, Skoronice (every 4 years, next 2019)


Slovácko Wine Festival and Open Monument Days in Uherské Hradiště


Festival of Folklore Musical Instruments in Uherské Hradiště


11.11. every year in Uherské Hradiště –Slavnosti sv. Martina a křest svatomartinského vína St. Martin Celebrations and the Tasting of Young Wine

What is the TOP?

The Ride of the Kings
Festival in Strážnice
Brass Band festivals Horňácko festival Wine Festival Slavnosti vína Uherské Hradiště

About Moravia region

Vineyards in the south, plums and slivovitz (plum brandy) in the middle, then up in the Beskids there are technical places of interest in former mines, steelworks and other technical attractions. And dotted among, there are also beautiful UNESCO Heritage sites. Everywhere, from the south to the north, you will meet with local folk traditions, costumes, dancing, music, singing and real joy from life.
Moravia is a country of vibrant colours, wonderful folk music, folklore festivals, good food and drink.
Each village has its own costume, its unique embroidery and ornaments, its songs and dances. People love their traditions which have been handed down for generations, sometimes for centuries. Some of these are so exceptional that they have been included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. They are the Verbunk, a dance performed by boys and men, and Ride of the Kings. (To find out more, click “UNESCO Heritage”)
Of course, I too danced in a folklore ensemble and they really were wonderful years! To this day I take part in many events and some I even organized myself, so that many people could enjoy the charm of this beautiful part of the Czech Republic. I also have my own folk costume (see photo), which I wear, for example, at various folklore festivals.
I would like to invite you to visit us, to come and experience the hospitality of the Moravians, to taste vdolecky (sweet buns), klobasky (thick sausages) or slivovitz (plum brandy). We can enjoy an evening in a wine cellar with cimbalom music or watch skilful hands embroidering folk costumes.