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Ladislava Kotačková

Who am I and why am I doing this?

My name is Ladislava Kotačková (Ladka) and I live in Moravia in the Czech Republic, in the Slovácko region. I have been looking after tourists for more than 20 years, showing them our region, its uniqueness and beauty. Between 1993 and 2013 I owned a campsite. It wasn’t only visited by Czechs, but also by Dutch tourists (80%) as well as tourists from all over Europe. They visited my camp and kept returning. It was mainly because I looked after them well and offered a lot more: evenings with cimbalom or accordion music, with a brass band, they could see and learn folk dances, learn about various local folk costumes, we used to go on trips, visit the surrounding areas, learn about traditions, crafts, music, festivals, wine or festivals. At other times we would visit glassworks, breweries, potteries, wine cellars or see how folk costumes or the traditional slivovitz and vdolecky were made. They learned a lot about history, castles and chateaus, architecture and culture, and about famous people born in this region (Sigmund Freud, Jan Amos Comenius, Tomáš Baťa, Emil Zátopek, Leoš Janáček, and others). I would always assume the role of the guide and I also organized special thematic weeks (or longer stays) aimed at learning more about our region. They used to be very popular! Now I want to invite to the Czech Republic not only the descendants of Czech people settled abroad who are eager to learn about their roots, but also all people who are interested in old customs, traditions, music, culture and history of the Czech lands.

Ladislava Kotačková

My story

Why do I have such interest in, for example, descendants of Czechs who had settled abroad? I, too, am a descendant, although a little different. My home is Moravia in the Czech Republic. My grandfather, Josef Mikulka from Komňa, left after 1929 with his sisters (whose married names later were Glajch, Slezak) to seek work in the United States. My mum (born in 1929) never met him. . Then there came the war and after, the communists. My grandfather settled in Buffalo and used to send letters and sometimes money, but often the family didn’t receive anything. At the time of the world crisis, many people left Moravia to seek work, or during the communist rule to seek freedom, mostly to the USA and Canada (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, etc.). During the socialist era, several of my friends emigrated too. Some settled in California, some in Florida. How fortunate we were when the Velvet Revolution happened!!! How fortunate we are that today we can visit each other whenever we want!

The White Carpathians

Therefore, do come!

Not just fellow countrymen, you are all welcome. And remember – Czech Republic is not just Prague!

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